After world is a strategy game about the post-apocalyptic mankind survival. In order to survive mankind needs to form colonies, work together or against one another, also to expand and maintain the colony.

The story began with the world destruction and the survival of mankind. Earth’s land began to change, human needs to adapt and survive in the midst of nature destruction. Rebuilding was started at small colonies known as Pantheon. The colonies will build back civilization by way of confrontation or cooperation. Mutated humans and animals add to the chaos in this new world.

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Join the Clan! ...

Join the Clan! The Clan House is a place where the nine pantheons meet. Fight together with other


New Feature, Army's Potion! ...

Potion feature has been released! Potions will increase your army strength during the battle. The


New feature has released today ! ...

New feature has released today !

Now Afterworld players can referral 5 friends to

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